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Adam Shankman's adaptation of the stage musical Hairspray, itself an adaptation of the non-musical John Waters film of the same name, stars Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad, an overweight high-school student whose only dream is to be on a local Baltimore teen dance program. While her father (Christopher Walken) tells her to follow her dreams, her mother Edna (John Travolta in drag) reminds her that she doesn't look like the girls on that show. After impressing the show's host (James Marsden), Tracy earns a coveted spot on the program, but when she becomes a popular addition to the cast, she earns the wrath of the prettiest girl in school -- a girl whose mother (Michelle Pfeiffer) just happens to operate the local television station. Tracy's visit to detention hall opens her eyes to the racial tension on the show, as does the budding relationship between her best friend (Amanda Bynes) and an African-American boy named Seaweed (Elijah Kelley). Thus empowered, Tracy attempts to integrate the races on her favorite program.


A. Frank Ruffo
Adam Shankman
Allison Janney
Amanda Bynes
Anne Fletcher
Anthony Carr
Ariel Reid
Austin Di Iulio
Becca Sweitzer
Brendan Wall
Brittany Snow
Brooke Engen
Bruce Mcfee
Bryan Hindle
Carla Guiliani
Cassie Silva
Chad Mcfadden
Chantelle Leonardo
Charles Seminerio
Charlotte Szivak
Chris Andrew Robinson
Christian Hagen
Christopher Walken
Corey Gorewicz
Curtis Holbrook
Damon Butler
Darren Frost
Deborah Overes
Derek Gilroy
Dondraico Johnson
Elijah Kelley
Emily Andrews
Everett Smith
George King
Geri Hall
Gerry Mendicino
Greg Farkas
Hayley Podschun
Holly Alexis Hyman
J.P. Ferreri
Jade Anderson
Jamal Sims
James Kirchner
James Marsden
Janelle Hutchison
Jason Dolphin
Jayne Eastwood
Jennifer Abbey
Jenny Parsons
Jerry Stiller
Jesse Weafer
Joe Parro
Joey Pizzi
John Andersen
John Travolta
John Waters
Josh Epstein
Josh Feldman
Julia Juhas
Kelly Fletcher
Khetanya Henderson
Krista Leis
Kristina Uranowski
Larry Mannell
Laura Edwards
Loriel Hennington
Lyne Tremblay
Marc Shaiman
Mary Pitt
Mary Pitt
Melissa Williams
Michelle Pfeiffer
Nadine Ellis
Neil Crone
Nick Baga
Nick Loren
Nikki Blonsky
Paul Dooley
Phillip Spaeth
Queen Latifah
Rachael Dolan
Rhonda Roberts
Ricki Lake
Romina D'Ugo
Ron Pardo
Sal Scozzari
Sarah Francis
Sarah Jayne Jensen
Scott Wittman
Seth Howard
Shane Simpson
Sharron Matthews
Shawn Byfield
Sheldon Smith
Sheri Godfrey
Sherisse Springer
Spencer Liff
Stacey Martino
Starr Domingue
Stephen Boss
Susan Henley
Tabitha Lupien
Tanee Mccall
Taylor Parks
Ted Ludzik
Tiffany Engen
Vanessa Cobham
Whitney Brown
Zac Efron
Zachary Woodlee



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