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Final Destination 2

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90 Minutes


Death may be closer than it appears. Voluntarily locked away in the perceived safety of a psychiatric hospital, the lone survivor from "Final Destination" lives in constant fear that Death is coming to claim her. She may be considered crazy, but she is also right. Death is moving toward suburban Route 23, heading south in "Final Destination 2." Meanwhile, en route to a weekend getaway with her friends, Kimberly Corman has a terrible premonition. Shocked into action, Kimberly blocks traffic on a highway on-ramp. Drivers honk and complain, until death tears up the highway in a massive pile-up, with those left on the on-ramp narrowly escaping with their lives. But Kimberly knows it's not over: Death won't be cheated so easily. Now, this random group of strangers, who were all meant to die in the freeway disaster, must join Kimberly in a desperate attempt to stay alive.


A.J. Cook
Aaron Douglas
Alejandro Rae
Alf Humphries
Ali Larter
Alison Matthews
Andrew Airlie
Benita Ha
Chilton Crane
Christina Jastrzembska
Darcy Laurie
David Paetkau
Don Bell
Don Bell
Eileen Pedde
Enid-Raye Adams
Eric Keenleyside
Fred Henderson
James Kirk
Jill Krop
John R. Taylor
John Stewart
Jonathan Cherry
Justina Machado
Keegan Connor Tracy
Lynda Boyd
Marrett Green
Michael Landes
Noel Fisher
Odessa Munroe
Rheta Hutton
Sarah Carter
Shaun Sipos
Terrence 'T.C.' Carson
Tony Todd



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