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The Wedding Night

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83 Minutes


While working on a novel in his country home in Connecticut, married writer Tony Barrett (Cooper) becomes attracted to Manya (Sten), the daughter of a neighboring farmer. Manya is unhappily engaged to Frederik (Bellamy). Due to a snowstorm, Tony and Manya are trapped together in his house overnight. The next day, Manya's father insists her wedding to Frederik take place in spite of Manya's misgivings. Drunkenness and jealousy result in tragedy at the wedding reception that night.


Agnes Anderson
Alphonse Martell
Anna Sten
August Tollaire
Bernard Siegel
Constance Howard
Dave Wengren
Douglas Wood
Ed Ebele
Eleanor Wesselhoeft
Esther Dale
Gary Cooper
George Magrill
Harry Semels
Helen Vinson
Hilda Vaughn
Jay Belasco
Leonid Snegoff
Miami Alvarez
Milla Davenport
Otto Yamaoka
Ralph Bellamy
Richard Powell
Robert Bolder
Robert R. Stephenson
Sig Ruman
Violet Axzelle
Walter Brennan



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