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Bad Girls from Valley High

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84 Minutes


In the halls of Valley High no one's hotter, sexier, or more ruthless than the well-dressed "Huns" - beautiful Danielle (Julie Benz, Taken), dizzy Tiffany (Nicole Bilderback, Bring It On), and brainy Brooke (Monica Keena, TV's "Dawson Creek"). They rule the school with a manicured fist until a mysterious and gorgeous foreign exchange student arrives on the scene and steals away the attention of seriously hunky Drew. What's a sassy trio of popular girls to do? Murder, of course! Starring Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future trilogy) and acclaimed actress Janet Leigh (Psycho), Bad Girls From Valley High is the all-new screamingly funny thriller that proves that high school can be hell, but popularity can be murder.


Aaron Paul
Chris D'Elia
Christopher Lloyd
Dolores Drake
Janet Leigh
Jennifer Carmichael
Jonathan Brandis
Julie Benz
Maria Luisa Cianni
Monica Keena
Nicole Bilderback
Patricia Idlette
Suzanna Urszuly
Tanja Reichert



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