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The Jerk

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94 Minutes


That wild and crazy guy, Steve Martin, makes his film-starring debut in the wacky comedy hit The Jerk. Steve plays Navin Johnson, the adopted son of a poor black sharecropper family, whose crazy inventions lead him from rags to riches...right back to rags. Steve propels Navin through a string of misadventures-becoming smitten with a lady motorcycle racer, surviving a series of screwball attacks by a deranged killer, and becoming a millionaire by inventing the "Opti-grab" handle for eyeglasses-and shows why he's one of the hottest comic performers in the world.


Bernadette Peters
Bill Macy
Brownie Mcghee
Carl Gottlieb
Carl Reiner
Catlin Adams
Dick Anthony Williams
Dick O'Neill
Helena Carroll
Jackie Mason
M. Emmet Walsh
Mabel King
Maurice Evans
Pepe Serna
Ren Woods
Richard Ward
Sonny Terry
Steve Martin



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