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Not Fade Away

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112 Minutes


It's the 1960s and Rock and Roll is changing the world. Inspired by a bold new era and his success in a local band, Douglas (John Magaro) drops out of college to pursue his musical dreams, only to discover the harsh realities of the music industry. Douglas is forced to choose between listening to his father or listening to his heart in a film Rolling Stone calls "A gritty, graceful salute to Rock & Roll"*. *Peter Travers, Rolling Stone


Alfie Stewart
Anthony Giaimo
Audrey Lynn Weston
Bella Heathcote
Brad Garrett
Charlie Plummer
Chris Bannow
Christopher Mcdonald
Dominic Sherwood
Dominique Mcelligott
Gerard Canonico
Graham Davie
Gregory Perri
Isiah Whitlock, Jr.
Jack Huston
James Gandolfini
John Magaro
John Tormey
Jordan Dean
Julia Garner
Justine Lupe
Ken Forman
Lauren Culpepper
Levi Wilson
Lisa Lampanelli
Louis Mustillo
Lucie Pohl
Meredith Forlenza
Mike Steinmetz
Molly Price
Natalie Marchelletta
Randall Newsome
Rebecca Luker
Robert Funaro
Ryan Munzert
Shannon Esper
Stevie Steel
Teddy Coluca
Will Brill



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