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Body of Lies

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128 Minutes


Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the best man U.S. Intelligence has on the ground, in places where human life is worth no more than the information it can get you. In operations that take him around the globe, Ferris' next breath often depends on the voice at the other end of a secure phone line--CIA veteran Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe). Strategizing from a laptop in the suburbs, Hoffman is on the trail of an emerging terrorist leader who has orchestrated a campaign of bombings while eluding the most sophisticated intelligence network in the world. To lure the terrorist out into the open, Ferris will have to penetrate his murky world, but the closer Ferris gets to the target, the more he discovers that trust is both a dangerous commodity and the only one that will get him out alive.


Ali Suliman
Alon Aboutboul
Annabelle Wallis
Clara Khoury
Ghali Benlafkih
Giannina Facio
Golshifteh Farahani
Jamil Khoury
Kais Nashif
Leonardo Dicaprio
Lubna Azabal
Mark Strong
Mehdi Nebbou
Michael Gaston
Michael Stuhlbarg
Oscar Isaac
Russell Crowe
Simon Mcburney
Vince Colosimo



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