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Welcome to Greenleaf, a picture-postcard Indiana town where the high school is the proud focus of attention and "alternative lifestyle" means you bowl on alternate Tuesdays. But on the night of the Oscars. telecast, the town's - and the world's - center of attention is Greenleaf teacher Howard Brackett. A former student who's now a superstar actor tells an audience of millions that Howard is gay. Poor Howard. He's outted when he didn't know he was in! Kevin Kline plays stunned Howard, scrambling to go forth with his wedding to devoted Emily (Joan Cusack) and doing his frantic best to assert his manliness. With clever dialogue, antic situations and a stellar cast that includes Matt Dillon, Tom Selleck, Debbie Reynolds and Bob Newhart, In & Out is out-and-out fun!


Alexandra Holden
Alice Drummond
Becky Ann Baker
Bill Camp
Bob Newhart
Dan Hedaya
Daniel Joseph
Debbie Reynolds
Deborah Rush
Ernie Sabella
Glenn Close
Greg Siff
Gregory Jbara
Gus Rogerson
J. Smith-Cameron
Jay Leno
Jo-Jo Lowe
Joan Cusack
Jon Hershfield
Julie Entwisle
June Squibb
Kevin Kline
Laura Caulfield
Lauren Ambrose
Lauren Ward
Lizzy Mahon
Mary Diveny
Matt Dillon
Mimi Stuart
Scott Robertson
Selma Blair
Shalom Harlow
Shawn Hatosy
Tom Selleck
Wilford Brimley
Zak Orth



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