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Good Times, Bed Times

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105 Minutes


This is the story of Carrie (Sammi Cheng), who plays a tabloid reporter who is doing a story on pin up police officer Paul Ko (Louis Koo). The word around is that he is impotent and Carrie is looking for the truth. Of course, from there you are looking to see if they will hook up. Also here are Raymond (Lau Ching Wan) as Carrie's ex, a judge and a very young looking Charlene Choi, who plays Tabbie, who wants to live with Raymond. In a small but fun interlude, the always great Sandra Ng plays Bobo.


Charlene Choi
Jim Chim Sui-Man
Lam Suet
Lee Lik-Chi
Louis Koo
Niki Chow
Pinky Cheung
Sammi Cheng
Sandra Ng
Sean Lau
Tats Lau
Tony Leung Ka-Fai



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