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Open Season 3

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75 Minutes


After the events of Open Season 2, Boog plans an annual hunting trip for his woodland buddies but they choose family obligations which made Boog take a trip on his own leading him to a circus. He meets with Alistair a devious grizzly who wants to get out of the circus so he convinces Boog to switch places for his life in the wild for Alistair's place at the circus. While attending, Boog then falls for an alluring troupe member. Then the greedy circus ringmaster takes advantage of Boog by causing him misery and humiliation. When Boog's pals finds out about his disappearance, they hatch a rescue mission to rescue Boog and his true love.


André Sogliuzzo
Ashley Lambert
Charlie Bright
Ciara Bravo
Cody Cameron
Crispin Glover
Dana Snyder
Danny Mann
Fred Stoller
Georgia Engel
Gina Torres
Harrison Fahn
Jane Krakowski
Jeff Bennett
Joel Mchale
Karley Scott Collins
Matthew J. Munn
Matthew J. Munn
Matthew W. Taylor
Melissa Sturm
Michelle Murdocca
Mike Epps
Nika Futterman
Sean Mullen
Steve Schirripa



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