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101 Minutes


The love life of professional dog walker Charlotte "Charlie" Honeywell consists of an endless string of disastrous blind dates - until she meets the perfect guy, Kevin. Her dream man seems too good to be true, especially when he proposes marriage. Engaged to marry Kevin, Charlie has second thoughts after meeting his overbearing mother, who thinks no girl is good enough for her Kevin, and especially not Charlie. With her future mother-in-law aiming to destroy the relationship and Charlie's dream of a perfect wedding, can the would-be bride tame her merciless future Monster-in-Law? Starring Golden Globe-nominee Jennifer Lopez ("Maid in Manhattan," "Selena"), Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winner Jane Fonda ("Coming Home," "Klute"), Michael Vartan ("Never Been Kissed," TV's "Alias") and Emmy Award-winner Wanda Sykes ("Evan Almighty," TV's "The Chris Rock Show").


Adam Scott
Amber Mead
Annie Parisse
Christina Masterson
Elaine Stritch
Gian Franco Tordi
Harriet Sansom Harris
Jane Fonda
Jennifer Diane Hanson
Jennifer Lopez
Jenny Wade
Kristen Aldridge
Mark Moses
Michael Vartan
Monet Mazur
Randee Heller
Stephanie Turner
Stephen Dunham
Tomiko Fraser
Wanda Sykes
Wendy Rodriguez
Will Arnett



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