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TV in Black: The First Fifty Years

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100 Minutes


Discover how television has reflected the African American experience in this retrospective of the medium's first half-century. Actors, writers and historians discuss the image of black America on television from Amos and Andy to the present day. The interviews accompany clips from groundbreaking shows and performances by entertainment pioneers that create a timeline of the portrayal of African Americans throughout TV history.


Arsenio Hall
Bill Cosby
Cab Calloway
Cindy Birdsong
Desi Arnaz
Diahann Carroll
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson
H. Rap Brown
Harry Belafonte
James Brown
John Amos
Jonelle Allen
Lena Horne
Lucille Ball
Marvin Gaye
Michael Jackson
Muhammed Ali
Obba Babatunde
Patricia Belcher
Pearl Bailey
Ray Charles
Redd Foxx
Ruby Dee
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Whoopi Goldberg
Willie Best

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