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Ghost in the Machine

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104 Minutes


Karl, a technician in a computer shop, is also the "Address Book Killer," who obtains the names of his victims from stolen address books. Terry and her son Josh come into the store to price software, and a salesman uses Terry's address book to demonstrate a hand-held scanner. Karl obtains the file, and while driving to Terry's house that night in a heavy rainstorm, his car runs off the road and lands upside down in a cemetery. While Karl is undergoing a CAT scan at the hospital, a surge of lightning courses through the building, and Karl's soul is transformed into electrical energy. Karl uses the electrical grid and computer networks to continue his killing spree.


Alix Koromzay
Andrew Woodworth
Brandon Quintin Adams
Carl Gabriel Yorke
Carlease Burke
Charles Haugk
Charles Stransky
Cherie Chetyrbok
Chris Ellis
Chris Mulkey
Clayton Landey
Dom Magwili
Don Keith Opper
Edwina Moore
Haunani Minn
Helen Greenberg
Jack Laufer
Jessica Walter
Karen Allen
Ken Thorley
Matthew Glave
Michael Laguardia
Mickey Gilbert
Mimi Lieber
Mitchell R. Parnes
Nancy Fish
Nigel Gibbs
Richard Mckenzie
Richard Schiff
Rick Ducommun
Rick Scarry
Robert Lamar Kemp
Shevonne Durkin
Ted Marcoux
Walter Addison
Wil Horneff
Zack Phifer



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