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The Experts

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94 Minutes


Travis and Wendell are two down-on-their-luck New Yorkers who think they're relocating to a small town in Nebraska to open a nightclub. What they don't know is they have actually been abducted by a KGB operative and flown to the Soviet Union, where they'll unwittingly serve as "experts" on all things cool in America. The town, created expressly for KGB spies-in-training is meant to serve as a training ground for Soviet agents. What can these two hapless Americans possibly teach the Soviet spies and will they ever learn they are not actually in Nebraska?


Arye Gross
Brian Doyle-Murray
Charles Martin Smith
Deborah Foreman
Eve Brent
Imbert Orchard
Jack Ammon
James Keach
Jan Rubes
John Boylan
John Travolta
Joseph Golland
Kelly Preston
Mimi Maynard
Rick Ducommun
Robyn Simons
Ron Chabidon
Sandy Tucker
Steve Levitt
Tony Edwards



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