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The Hindenburg

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125 Minutes


George C. Scott leads an all-star cast in this imaginative suspense thriller that attempts to shed some light on the historic disaster even as its intricate plot unfolds. As a colonel assigned by the German government to make certain no one sabotages the Hindenburg on its transatlantic voyage, Scott suspects everyone aboard the luxury ship - particularly a German countess (Anne Bancroft) vehemently opposed to the Nazi regime. Stylishly directed by Robert Wise and co-starring Burgess Meredith, Gig Young, Charles Durning and Richard Dysart, The Hindenburg brings to life one of aviation's most infamous events and one of the screen's most engrossing mysteries.


Alan Oppenheimer
Anne Bancroft
Betsy Jones-Moreland
Burgess Meredith
Charles Durning
Charles Macaulay
Colby Chester
Curt Lowens
David Mauro
George C. Scott
Gig Young
Greg Mullavey
Herbert Nelson
Jan Merlin
Jean Rasey
Joanna Moore
Joe Di Reda
Joe Turkel
Joyce Davis
Katherine Helmond
Kip Niven
Lisa Pera
Michael Richardson
Peter Canon
Peter Donat
Rene Auberjonois
Rex Holman
Richard A. Dysart
Robert Clary
Roy Thinnes
Sandy Ward
Scott Walker
Simon Scott
Stephen Elliott
Ted Gehring
Teno Pollick
Val Bisoglio
William Atherton
William Sylvester



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