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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

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93 Minutes


Four baby turtles come in contact with a mysterious substance called ooze and then are transformed into human sized crime fighters. The leader of the turtles is a human size rat who has come into contact with the same green ooze. The rat was a former pet of a ninja master and therefore uses his skills to train the four turtles in martial arts. They befriend a local journalist and with her help attempt to find the group behind a crime wave in New York City. Starring Josh Pais, Elias Koteas, and Judith Hoag.


Brian Tochi
Corey Feldman
David Forman
David Mccharen
Elias Koteas
James Saito
Josh Pais
Ju Yu
Judith Hoag
Kevin Clash
Leif Tilden
Michael Mcconnohie
Michael Turney
Michelan Sisti
Raymond Serra
Robbie Rist
Sam Rockwell
Skeet Ulrich
Toshishiro Obata



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