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Mr. & Mrs. Smith

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120 Minutes


Marriage has gotten stale and predictable for John and Jane Smith, an average-on-the-surface husband and wife who don't yet know that they share the same undercover line of work: They're both guns for hire. Hiding their occupations has never been a hardship for either of them … until they discover that their next assignment involves them targeting each other. Can they go through with their respective missions, or will love prevail?


Adam Brody
Amy Hathaway
Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
Bryan Anthony
Carol Mack
Chris Daniels
Chris Weitz
Elijah Alexander
Greg Ellis
Jennifer Demille
Jennifer Morrison
Keith David
Kerry Washington
Kevin Makely
Laine Collins
Maree Cheatham
Megan Gallagher
Melanie Tolbert
Melissa Hurley
Michael-John Wolfe
Michelle Monaghan
Miguel Angel Caballero
Patrika Darbo
Perrey Reeves
Peter Lavin
R.J. Durell
Rachael Huntley
Ravil Isyanov
Ron Bottitta
Sam Sabbah
Sean Mahon
Stephanie Ittleson
Stephanie March
Theresa Barrera
Victor A. Chapa
Vince Vaughn



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