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Broadway Melody of 1940

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102 Minutes


Oscar-honoree and Golden Globe-winner Fred Astaire ("Top Hat," "The Towering Inferno") stars in this enjoyable musical about the friendship and rivalry between two dance partners. Problems arise when both men fall for the same gorgeous woman. Co-starring Oscar-honoree George Murphy ("Battleground") and Eleanor Powell ("That's Dancing"). An outstanding Cole Porter score, including "Begin the Beguine."


Alphonse Martell
Ann Morriss
Arthur Stuart Hull
Barbara Jo Allen
Bert Moorhouse
Bess Flowers
Bobby Barber
Carmen D'Antonio
Carol Adams
Chick Collins
Cyril Ring
David Lloyd
Don Brodie
Douglas Mcphail
E. Alyn Warren
Eddie Hall
Edgar Dearing
Eleanor Powell
Florence Rice
Frank Mcclure
Frank Morgan
Fred Astaire
George Chandler
George Murphy
Gertrude Simpson
Gladys Blake
Hal K. Dawson
Hal Le Sueur
Harry Lash
Henry Hebert
Herman Bing
Ian Hunter
Irving Bacon
Jack Mulhall
James Conaty
James Flavin
Jean Del Val
Joe Yule
John Daheim
John T. Murray
Joseph Crehan
Larry Steers
Libby Taylor
Lynne Carver
Mary Field
Mel Blanc
Mel Ruick
Paul E. Burns
Sayre Dearing
Shep Houghton
Suzanne Ridgeway
The Music Maids
Tom Quinn
Trixie Firschke
Walter Soderling
Wanda Perry
William Tannen



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