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Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood

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92 Minutes


Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood is a delightful romp that will delight anyone who's ever been enchanted by the movies. Won Ton Ton is an amazing mutt who gets discovered by a studio bus driver, Grayson Potchuck (Bruce Dern). He soon touches the lives and changes the fortunes of all who cross his path, including Art Carney, Teri Garr and a never funnier Madeline Kahn. There's also a veritable who's who of Golden Age Hollywood talent on display here, and you'll see some of your favorite stars of all time singing and dancing and getting big laughs. See how many you can spot! Won Ton Ton is the dog who saved Hollywood, and he's sure to be the dog that steals your heart!


Aldo Ray
Alice Faye
Ann Miller
Ann Rutherford
Army Archerd
Art Carney
Barbara Nichols
Broderick Crawford
Bruce Dern
Carmel Myers
Cyd Charisse
Dean Stockwell
Dennis Morgan
Doodles Weaver
Dorothy Lamour
Eli Mintz
Ethel Merman
Gloria Dehaven
Henny Youngman
Joan Blondell
Johnny Weissmuller
Madeline Kahn
Mike Mazurki
Milton Berle
Phil Silvers
Ricardo Montalban
Ron Leibman
Sterling Holloway
Tab Hunter
Teri Garr
Victor Mature
Virginia Mayo
Walter Pidgeon
Yvonne De Carlo
Zsa Zsa Gábor



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