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Run, Fatboy, Run

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100 Minutes


Five years ago Dennis (Simon Pegg) was at the altar about to marry Libby (Thandie Newton), his pregnant fiancée. He got cold feet and ran for the hills and he's been going in circles ever since. When Dennis discovers Libby's hooked up with high-flying-go-getter Whit (Hank Azaria), he realizes it's now or never. He enters a marathon to show he's more than a quitter but then finds out just how much sweat, strain and tears it takes to run for 26 miles. Nobody gives him a chance but Dennis knows this is his only hope to more than a running joke.


Ameet Chana
Anna Tolputt
Chris Hollins
David Cann
David Milner
David Walliams
Denis Lewis
Dylan Moran
Floella Benjamin
Gabriel Fleary
Hank Azaria
Harish Patel
Hazel Douglas
Henrietta Clemett
Iddo Goldberg
India De Beaufort
Lorna Gayle
Margaret John
Matthew Fenton
Nevan Finegan
Pandora Colin
Peter Serafinowicz
Ruth Sheen
Simon Day
Simon Lenagan
Simon Pegg
Stephen Merchant
T.R. Bowen
Thandie Newton
Tyrone Huggins



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