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The 6th Day

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123 Minutes


In this futuristic thriller spiked with intrigue, humor and high-voltage action, a ruthless power broker is using his advanced genetic-engineering technology to clone human beings for personal gain. When Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger), an old-fashioned family man and decorated fighter pilot in what was known as the Rainforest War, comes home one night to discover that his life has been stolen by his clone, his perfect existence is erased. Plunged into a sinister world of murder, corruption and high-tech deception, he is torn from his family by thugs who have been sent to destroy him because they cloned the wrong man. Adam must not only save himself, but uncover who and what is behind the evil plot that entangles him in order to reclaim his family and his identity.


Alexandra Castillo
Andrew Mcilroy
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ben Bass
Chris Cound
Christopher Lawford
Colin Cunningham
Don Mcmanus
Don S. Davis
Ellie Harvie
Gillian Barber
Graham Andrews
Hiro Kanagawa
Jennifer Gareis
Ken Pogue
Mark Brandon
Michael Rapaport
Michael Rooker
Peter Kent
Robert Duvall
Rodney Rowland
Sarah Wynter
Steve Bacic
Taylor-Anne Reid
Terry Crews
Tony Goldwyn
Walter Von Huene
Wanda Cannon
Wendy Crewson



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