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City for Conquest

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104 Minutes


The heartbreaking but hopeful tale of Danny Kenny and Peggy Nash, two sweethearts who meet and struggle through their impoverished lives in New York City. When Peggy, hoping for something better in life for both of them, breaks off her engagement to Danny, he sets out to be a championship boxer, while she becomes a dancer paired with a sleazy partner. Will tragedy reunite the former lovers?


Alexander Pollard
Ann Sheridan
Anthony Quinn
Arthur Housman
Arthur Kennedy
Ben Welden
Bernice Pilot
Bert Moorhouse
Billy Wayne
Blanche Yurka
Bob Steele
Buster Slaven
Carl M. Leviness
Charles C. Wilson
Charles Lane
Charles Sherlock
Charles Sullivan
Colin Kenny
Dale Van Sickel
Danny Jackson
David Gorcey
Dick Wessel
Donald Crisp
Dudley Dickerson
Edward Gargan
Edward Keane
Elia Kazan
Elliott Sullivan
Eric Mayne
Ethelreda Leopold
Frank Craven
Frank Faylen
Frank Mchugh
Frank Sully
Frank Wilcox
Fred Rapport
Garry Owen
George Ford
George Humbert
George Lloyd
George O'Hanlon
George Tobias
Hans Moebus
Harris Berger
Harrison Greene
Hugh Chapman
Jack Mower
Jackie Salling
James Cagney
James Carlisle
James Conaty
James Dime
Jay Eaton
Jerome Cowan
Joe Gilbert
Joe Gray
John Arledge
John Dilson
John Indrisano
John Sheehan
Joseph Crehan
Joseph La Cava
Joyce Compton
Kit Guard
Larry Steers
Lee Patrick
Lee Phelps
Leo White
Lois James
Malvern Gilmartin
Margaret Hayes
Michael Mark
Mike Lally
Murray Alper
Oliver Cross
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
Pat Flaherty
Pat Mckee
Paul Panzer
Paula Lane
Payne B. Johnson
Robert Haines
Robert Winkler
Sally Payne
Sam Hayes
Scott Seaton
Selmer Jackson
Sidney Miller
Stephen Soldi
Steve Carruthers
Thomas E. Jackson
Thurston Hall
Tom Wilson
Victor Kilian
Wade Boteler
Walter Bacon
Ward Bond
Warren Douglas
William 'Bill' Phillips
William H. O'Brien
William Marshall
William Newell



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