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The Carpetbaggers

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150 Minutes


Harold Robbins' tale of the ruthless men and beautiful women who shaped Hollywood. Harold Robbins' best seller about '30s Hollywood comes to the screen in a torrent of frank, controversial and (for the times) sensational scenes that helped break the Production Code. George Peppard is the ruthless tycoon who (with amazing parallels to Howard Hughes) builds a multi-million-dollar empire. Carroll Baker, who performs a razzle-dazzle striptease atop a glittering chandelier, is the Jean Harlow-type star. In addition to its depiction of the wild life in Tinseltown's early days, the film also boasts Alan Ladd's terrific final screen performance as the hero's sidekick, Nevada Smith.


Alan Ladd
Ann Doran
Anthony Warde
Archie Moore
Arthur Franz
Audrey Totter
Bess Flowers
Carroll Baker
Charles Lane
Elizabeth Ashley
Francesca Bellini
George Peppard
John Conte
Leif Erickson
Lew Ayres
Lisa Seagram
Martha Hyer
Martin Balsam
Ralph Taeger
Robert Cummings
Tom Lowell
Tom Tully
Vaughn Taylor
Victoria Jean



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