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95 Minutes


Dreaming of an escape from the drudge of everyday crime, conman Leo Garfield (John Hannah) and his glamorous wife, Lily (Famke Janssen), together mastermind an audacious scam. Drawn into their tangled web are assortments of loud and tasteless lowlifes, all wanting their piece of the action. Also on the scene is a sadistic loan shark (Eddie Izzard) who's chasing Leo for repayment of his gambling debts. Looking for Leo as well is a simple-minded Goliath called Moose (Tiny Lister). And don't forget the eccentric convert to fashion, Julius (Peter Stormare), who along with Leo and Lily gets caught up in the most dangerous game of all, the game of cross, double-cross and triple-cross, in this dark and outrageous crime thriller with more twists than a roller coaster.


Amanda Donohoe
Brian Conley
Che Walker
Christopher Biggins
Christopher Tune
Eddie Izzard
Evelyn Duah
Famke Janssen
Fred Ward
Hinda Hicks
Ian Burfield
Jason Watkins
John Hannah
Julie Saunders
Louis Hammond
Louise Rolfe
Lucy Akhurst
Michael Attwell
Neil Stuke
Peter Stormare
Rob Walker
Steve Toussaint
Tommy Lister



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