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Kill Bill: Vol. 1

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111 Minutes


Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, and Vivica A. Fox in an astonishing, action-packed thriller about brutal betrayal and an epic vendetta! Four years after taking a bullet in the head at her own wedding, The Bride (Thurman) emerges from a coma and decides it's time for payback ... with a vengeance! Having been gunned down by her former boss (David Carradine) and his deadly squad of international assassins, it's a kill-or-be-killed fight she didn't start but is determined to finish! Loaded with explosive action and outrageous humor, it's a must-see motion picture event that has critics everywhere raving!


Ai Maeda
Akaji Maro
Ambrosia Kelley
Chiaki Kuriyama
Daryl Hannah
David Carradine
Gordon Liu Chia-Hui
Goro Daimon
Hikaru Midorikawa
Issei Takahashi
James Parks
Jonathan Loughran
Julie Dreyfus
Jun Kunimura
Juri Manase
Kazuki Kitamura
Kenji Ohba
Lucy Liu
Michael Bowen
Michael Madsen
Michael Parks
Naomi Kusumi
Sachiko Fujii
Sakichi Satô
Shu Lan Tuan
Shun Sugata
Sô Yamanaka
Sonny Chiba
Uma Thurman
Vivica A. Fox
Yôji Tanaka
Yoshiyuki Morishita
Yuki Kazamatsuri
Zhang Jin Zhan



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