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The Merchant of Venice

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138 Minutes


From Michael Radford, the Academy Award(®)-nominated director of Il Postino, comes the critically-acclaimed screen adaptation of William Shakespeare's controversial classic, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE. Antonio (Jeremy Irons), a successful but cash-poor merchant, approaches Shylock (Al Pacino), a wealthy money lender, for a loan to help his young friend Bassanio (Joseph Fiennes, Shakespeare in Love) woo the fair Portia (Lynn Collins, 13 Going on 30). Despite being long time enemies, Shylock grants the request, but demands one pound of Antonio's flesh if the debt is not repaid on time. When Antonio defaults on the loan, Shylock seeks what is legally owed to him but soon learns that those to whom evil is done, do evil in return.


Al Pacino
Allan Corduner
Anton Rodgers
Charlie Cox
David Harewood
Gregor Fisher
Heather Goldenhersh
Jeremy Irons
John Sessions
Joseph Fiennes
Kris Marshall
Lynn Collins
Mackenzie Crook
Marc Maes
Norbert Konne
Pieter Riemens
Ron Cook
Stéphan Koziak
Zuleikha Robinson



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