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Monsieur Verdoux

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124 Minutes


Charlie Chaplin plays shockingly against type in his most controversial film, a brilliant and bleak black comedy about money, marriage, and murder. Chaplin is a twentieth-century bluebeard, an enigmatic family man who goes to extreme lengths to support his wife and child, attempting to bump off a series of wealthy widows (including one played by the indefatigable Martha Raye, in a hilarious performance). This deeply philosophical and wildly entertaining film is a work of true sophistication, both for the moral questions it dares to ask and for the way it deconstructs its megastar's lovable on-screen persona.


Ada May
Allison Roddan
Almira Sessions
Arthur Hohl
Audrey Betz
Barbara Slater
Bernard Nedell
Charles Chaplin
Charles Evans
Edwin Mills
Eula Morgan
Fritz Leiber
Helene Heigh
Irving Bacon
Isobel Elsom
John Harmon
Mady Correll
Margaret Hoffman
Marilyn Nash
Marjorie Bennett
Martha Raye
Robert Lewis
Vera Marshe
Virginia Brissac
William Frawley



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