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103 Minutes


Air Force fliers Rick Williams and Mike Nolan attempt to meet film star Nell Wayne, with whom Rick shares a hometown but not much else. Fellow film stars Doris Day and Ruth Roman mistakenly believe Rick to be very close to Nell and arrange for him to meet her. The pair begin to form a match, especially after Nell, Doris, and Ruth arrange for Hollywood stars to perform for G.I.s in transit to and from the Korean War, at Travis Air Base. But Nell thinks Rick is getting ready to ship out to the war, when in reality, he and Mike ferry troops part of the way then return to Travis Air Base with returning soldiers. Nell is furious with Rick for letting her believe he was headed to a war zone, especially because the press has made a huge story of their romance. Meantime, a new program, Operation Starlift, has been set in place by the Air Force and the Hollywood studios, whereby stars are flown to San Francisco to perform for the outbound and inbound troops


Dick Wesson
Doris Day
Frank Lovejoy
Gary Cooper
Gene Nelson
Gordon Macrae
Hayden Rorke
Howard St. John
James Cagney
Jane Wyman
Janice Rule
Joe Turkel
Leroy Prinz
Louella Parsons
Lucille Norman
Patrice Wymore
Peter Marshall
Phil Harris
Randolph Scott
Richard Webb
Ron Hagerthy
Ruth Roman
Tommy Noonan
Virginia Gibson
Virginia Mayo



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