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What Women Want

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127 Minutes


Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson), an advertising executive and swinging bachelor accidentally stumbles upon the power to hear what women are thinking. Nick decides to use this newfound power to sabotage his boss Darcy (Helen Hunt) in order to further his own career. Things don't go exactly as planned when Nick falls in love with Darcy – creating conflict between his desire to get ahead and his inner voice telling him to follow his heart.


Alan Alda
Alex Mckenna
Alexondra Lee
Ana Gasteyer
Andi Eystad
Andrea Baker
Andy Schofield
Angela Oh
Arden Myrin
Ashlee Turner
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson
Audrey Wasilewski
Aviva Gale
Bette Midler
Brooke Elliott
Christopher Emerson
Coburn Goss
Cristine Rose
Dana Waters
Delta Burke
Diana-Maria Riva
Eric Balfour
Gil Hacohen
Gregory Cupoli
Hallie Meyers-Shyer
Helen Hunt
Jennifer Greenhut
Juanita Jennings
Judy Greer
Kate Kneeland
Kathrin Middleton
Katie Miller
Kelley Hazen
Kelly Cooper
Lauren Holly
Leshay N. Tomlinson
Lisa Edelstein
Lisa Long
Logan Lerman
Loretta Devine
Maggie Egan
Marisa Tomei
Mark Feuerstein
Marnie Mosiman
Mel Gibson
Palmer Davis
Rachel Duncan
Robert Briscoe Evans
Robin Pearson Rose
Sarah Paulson
Shirley Prestia
Sierra Pecheur
T. J. Thyne
Tracy Pacheco
Valerie Perrine
Victoria Garcia-Kelleher



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