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The Ape

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62 Minutes


A mad scientist searching for a cure for polio. Dr. Bernard Adrian is a kindly mad scientist who seeks to cure a young woman's polio. He needs spinal fluid from a human to complete the formula for his experimental serum. Meanwhile, a vicious circus ape has broken out of its cage, and is terrorizing towns people.


Billy Bletcher
Boris Karloff
Buddy Swan
Donald Kerr
Dorothy Vaughan
Gene O'Donnell
George Cleveland
Gertrude Hoffmann
Gibson Gowland
Harry C. Bradley
Henry Hall
I. Stanford Jolley
Jack Kennedy
Jessie Arnold
Julia Griffith
Maris Wrixon
Mary Field
Pauline Drake
Philo Mccullough
Ray Corrigan
Selmer Jackson
Stan Jolley



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