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2012: Supernova

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87 Minutes


Overwhelming electromagnetic activity in the atmosphere over the last two years has caused freak weather events and interfered with communications and electronics -- and the activity keeps increasing. Because of this, the U.S., Russia and China have been working in unprecedented cooperation to build an immense space station in the outer reaches of Earth's orbit. In Florida, a mid-30's astrophysicist, Prof. Ryan Kelvin, his wife Laura and son Tad, are pursued by a group of armed men. They try to kidnap Kelvin, the lead NASA scientist working on the space station project, believing the station may be used as a nuclear missile base. The truth is Project Bright Star: a sun in a nearby galaxy is going supernova and Kelvin has convinced the superpowers that there may be a way to save the Earth: detonate a series of nuclear explosions in space to create a nuclear cloud that will diffuse the gamma rays and shield the Earth during the length of the supernova's energy burst.


Brian Krause
Heather Mccomb
Najarra Townsend
Stephen Blackehart



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