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6 Bullets to Hell

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80 Minutes


This is a Grindhouse style Spaghetti Western shot and made to look like the classic European Westerns of the 1960s and 1970s - True to the form of how they were filmed in the late 1960s, all the way down to the dubbing of the audio. Enjoy this great throwback to the old style with a brand new story in 6 BULLETS TO HELL! Also enjoy the "Drive-in Style' version with two Grindhouse trailers before the film begins. When a farmer's wife is brutally murdered by the ruthless bandit Bobby Durango and his gang of killers, Billy Rogers goes back to his old gun and starts to hunt them one by one.


Aaron Stielstra
Antonio Mayans
Cesar Mendez
Crispian Belfrage
Danny Garcia
Domingo Beltran
Jack Queralt
Juan Manuel Torres
Ken Luckey
Laurence Burton
Magda Rodriguez
Mike Schnapp
Nacho Díaz
Naila Ma
Norberto Morán
Oliver Merckx
Russell Quinn Cummings
Russell Quinn Cummings
Tanner Beard
Ulrich P. Bruckner
Vanesa Otero



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