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Hope Springs

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92 Minutes


Hope Springs is the charming romantic comedy starring Colin Firth (Love Actually), Heather Graham (Anger Management), and Academy Award nominee (1997 Best Supporting Actress, Good Will Hunting) Minnie Driver (Return to Me). When artist Colin Ware (Firth) discovers the love of his life and fiancee Vera (Driver), a sexy, sophisticated vixen, is marrying another man, he flees to America and the sleepy New England village of Hope to bury himself in his art and soothe his tortured psyche. Soon he finds more than a shoulder to cry on when he meets Mandy (Graham), a beautiful free spirit who captures his heart -- until Vera suddenly shows up with the surprise of Colin's life. Hope Springs is a delightful and engaging comedy about finding happiness when you least expect it.


Chad Faust
Colin Firth
Frank Collison
Heather Graham
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Mary Black
Mary Steenburgen
Minnie Driver
Oliver Platt
Tony Alcantar



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