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The Circle

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93 Minutes


A series of gruesome rape and murders had baffled the police, with the killer leaving behind drawings of a circle on each victim's body. When the murderer is finally arrested, the police put him under hypnosis to get answers.


Aaron Poole
Alex Karzis
Anaya Farrell
Barry Flatman
Dan Petronijevic
Daniel Enright
David Collins
Derek Boyes
Dylan Trowbridge
Gianpaolo Venuta
Gordon Currie
Harvey Sokoloff
J. Adam Brown
Jack Newman
Jamie Robinson
Jennifer Hill
Jim Thorburn
K. Trevor
Ken James
Leland Tilden
Malin Akerman
Michael Zeldin
Neil Foster
Reuben Rox
Robert J. Malyk
Robin Dunne
Stewart Arnott
Treat Williams



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