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A Colder Kind of Death

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90 Minutes


Joanne Kilbourn (Crewson), a television crime reporter and former police officer, becomes involved in the most difficult case of her life, the murder of her own husband. When Kevin Tarpley (Garber) is placed at the scene of the crime the police is eager to get him convicted. But things are not as they seem. When Kevin is murdered, the investigation takes an unexpected turn that hits too close to home for Joanne's comfort and safety. Featuring an all-star cast.


Anne Hardcatle
Callahan Connor
Carlo Rota
Christopher Bolton
Cynthia Gibb
Edward Jaunz
Ellen-Ray Hennessy
Eric Peterson
Howard Hoover
Jason Knight
Jim Boeven
Kari Matchett
Kay Hawtrey
Kim Roberts
Michael Cameron
Natasha La Force
Patrick Mckenna
Philip Williams
Raven Dauda
Robin Dunne
Roger Dunn
Soo Garay
Sugith Varughese
Teri Garr
Thure Riefenstein
Tony Meyler
Victor Garber
Wendy Crewson



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