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Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

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98 Minutes


In the 1970's, Dickie Roberts held the keys to success as a child star with a hit TV series. Now the only keys Dickie holds are the ones that start the customer's cars that he parks as a valet attendant for a Hollywood restaurant. Desparate to revive his acting career, Dickie tries to audition for a role in Rob Reiner's new movie but the director doesn't believe Dickie is normal enough to play the part. Determined to get the role, Dickie hires a "typical" family to give him the real-life upbringing he never had. But once Dickie moves in, the family's life becomes anything but normal as Dickie unleashes his wild inner child...and learns in the process some unforgettable lessons about fame, fortune and family values. Co-starring Mary McCormack, Jon Lovitz, Alyssa Milano and many former child stars including Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams and Leif Garett.


Adam Rich
Alan Blumenfeld
Alexander D. Slanger
Alyssa Milano
Ambyr Childers
Ashley Edner
Barry Livingston
Bobby Slayton
Brandon De Paul
Brendan Fraser
Brian Clark
Butch Patrick
Charlene Tilton
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Knights
Colin Ryan
Corey Feldman
Corey Haim
Craig Bierko
Danny Bonaduce
David Spade
Dick Van Patten
Eddie Mekka
Edie Mcclurg
Emily Harrison
Emmanuel Lewis
Erin Moran
Erin Murphy
Ernest Lee Thomas
Evan Lee Dahl
Florence Henderson
Fred Berry
Fred Wolf
Gary Coleman
Hal Sparks
Haywood Nelson
Ian Gomez
Jake Chapman
Jann Carl
Jay North
Jeff Conaway
Jenna Boyd
Jeremy Miller
Jesse Rutherford
Joey Diaz
John Farley
John Kirk
Jon Lovitz
Jonathan Loughran
Kathleen Randazzo
Kevin Farley
Kevin Grevioux
Leif Garrett
Lindsey Dann
Lisa Joyner
M. Blair Breard
Marion Ross
Mary Mccormack
Maureen Mccormick
Meghan Faye Gallagher
Michael Buffer
Michael Mcdonald
Michael Mcdonald
Mike Lookinland
Miko C. Brando
Mindy Burbano
Nancy Pimental
Nicholas Schwerin
Oliver Kindred
Patrick Thomas O'Brien
Paul Petersen
Peggy Mannix
Peter Dante
Rachel Dratch
Rob Elk
Rob Reiner
Rodney Allen Rippy
Ron Palillo
Sasha Mitchell
Scott Terra
Sergei Virovlianski
Spencer Garrett
Todd Bridges
Tom Arnold
Tony Dow
Valerie Perrine
Willie Aames
Wyatt Smith



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