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Big Momma's House

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98 Minutes


Disguise is the limit. Martin Lawrence brings down the house as crafty FBI agent Malcolm Turner who's willing to go through thick and thin in order to catch an escaped prisoner. Sherry (Nia Long), the con's sexy former flame, might have the skinny on millions in stolen loot, and she's headed for Georgia to lay low for a while. That's enough to send Malcolm deep undercover as Big Momma, an oversized, overbearing Southern granny with an attitude as tough as her pork chops. The result is an outrageous comedy of epic proportions, filled with nonstop laughs and plenty of action!


Aldis Hodge
Anthony Anderson
Brian Palermo
Brian Paul Stuart
Carl Wright
Cedric The Entertainer
Debby Gaudet
Edwin Hodge
Ellis Hall
J.T. Thibodeau
Jascha Washington
Jay So
Martin Lawrence
Nia Long
Nicole Prescott
Nigga Swag
Octavia Spencer
Paul Giamatti
Phil Hawn
Philip Tan
Phyllis Applegate
Starletta Dupois
Tameka Holmes
Terrence Howard
Tichina Arnold



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