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The Tiger's Tail

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107 Minutes


A hawkish businessman who slowly finds his life being taken over by the twin brother he never knew he had. Liam O'Leary is a no-nonsense real-estate developer who isn't above greasing the politician's wheels a bit to get the permits he needs. His 20-year marriage to Jane has been stale for over a decade, and his adolescent son, Connor, has most recently taken to communism as a means of showcasing his rebellious streak. Though Liam still dotes on his aging mother, it's plain to see that his sister, Oona, is the favored child in the family. One day, stuck in traffic on the way home double approach his car and begin cleaning the windshield while begging for change. Now, after discovering that he was not only adopted but has an identical twin as well, Liam finds his life rapidly being taken over by a cunning doppelganger who has had enough of life on the streets, and has finally found a means of turning his luck around by simply stepping into the shoes of his more successful counterpart.


Angeline Ball
Aonghus Og Mcanally
Brendan Gleeson
Brian Gleeson
Cathy Belton
Ciarán Hinds
David Herlihy
Denis Conway
Eanna Macliam
John Kavanagh
Kim Cattrall
Mark Lambert
Michael Fitzgerald
Moira Deady
Ned Dennehy
Nigel Linden
Ruth Lawlor
Sean Markey
Sean Mcginley
Sinéad Cusack



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