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110 Minutes


Academy Award®-winning writer/director Oliver Stone brings shock radio to the screen in this relentlessly fast-paced suspense thriller. Dallas talk radio host Barry Champlain (Eric Bogosian) discovers one weekend that his skills in pushing people's buttons have won him a chance for national syndication. But instead of celebrating, he subjects his ex-wife (Ellen Greene) and co-workers to a darkly comic marathon bout of compulsive risk-taking with his unstable radio audience. Barry and his "fans" - the lonely, the angry and the dangerous - know that talk is not cheap, and words can kill.


Alan Clark
Alec Baldwin
Allan Corduner
Angus G Wynne Iii
Anna Thomson
Bill Deacutis
Bruno Rubeo
Carl Kissin
Chip Moody
Daniel Escobar
David Pointer
Dee Pyland
Earl Hindman
Ellen Greene
Eric Bogosian
Frederica Meister
Harlan Jordan
John B. Wells
John C. Mcginley
John Pankow
John Seitz
Kyle Mcclaran
Leigh French
Leslie Hope
Linda Atkinson
Luis Barajas
Martin Rayner
Michael Wincott
Michele Mariana
Mimi Cochran
Park Overall
Peter Zapp
Pirie Macdonald
Robert Trebor
Rockets Redglare
Teresa Bell
Tony Frank
Vernie Bailey
Walter Lynn
Zach Grenier



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