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Ben Hur

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184 Minutes


BEN HUR is a universal, timeless story of a man wrongfully condemned, who becomes an outsider fighting for his identity and survival, gaining revenge and finding his true self again. While the story mirrors the famous 1959 eleven-time Academy Award-winning jewel, starring Charlton Heston, this BEN HUR offers a new dimension, recreating the classical world and its gritty spectacle and psychodrama. Filmed in Morocco this time, instead of a back lot, the production takes viewers to 1st century Jerusalem, a seething, restless melting pot at the end of the Silk Road and the edge of the Roman Empire.


Alex Kingston
Art Malik
Ben Cross
Emily Vancamp
Eugene Simon
Hugh Bonneville
James Faulkner
Joseph Morgan
Julian Casey
Kris Holden-Ried
Kristin Kreuk
Lucía Jiménez
Marc Warren
Michael Nardone
Miguel Ángel Muñoz
Ray Winstone
Simón Andreu
Stephen Campbell Moore



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