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Radar Men from the Moon

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167 Minutes


Commando Cody, 'Sky Marshal of the Universe', works with American scientists Joan Gilbert and Ted Richards in the development of a flying suit and a rocket to the Moon. When the nation's defenses are being sabotaged and destroyed, Cody learns that an atomic-gun is being used and that the men on the moon are the culprits. Cody, Joan and Ted take off in a rocket to the moon and, upon arrival, Cody is captured by moon-henchmen, working for Retik, who seeks to capture and rule the earth. But, at the end of chapter one, Cody appears to be in no position to keep Retik from achieving his goal.


Aline Towne
Clayton Moore
Don Walters
George D. Wallace
George Wallace
Peter Brocco
Robert Stevenson
Roy Barcroft
William Bakewell



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