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123 Minutes


Shock is an urban supernatural thriller set in urban surroundings.Satya (Prashanth), a married stock analyst is in search of a flat for him and his wife Sumi. He chooses a flat on the 12th floor of a huge building at Chennai. The flat has problem. The previous tenant, a young lady commits suicide in that apartment. On hearing this Sumi starts to lose sleep. She becomes distressed. Each night becomes a nightmare for her. What Satya thinks is a psychological problem begins to unravel into the unexplainable. He becomes helpless in the fight to save Sumi; Satya will have to reach out into the horrifying discovery --- The truth.


Alan Dubreuil
Alex 'Alien' Russell
Alex Brewer
Bruce Robinson
Christopher Gable
Consuela Chapman
Dennis Myers
Georgina Parkinson
Glenda Jackson
James Russell
Joanne Brown
John Myers
Kenneth Colley
Max Adrian
Richard Chamberlain
Sabina Maydelle
Xavier Russell



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