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Random Harvest

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126 Minutes


The film opens during the closing days of World War I. "John Smith" (Ronald Colman) is a British officer who was gassed and became shellshocked in the trenches. He is confined to an asylum because he has lost his memory and has trouble speaking. When the war ends, jubilation reigns in the nearby town of Melbridge and the gatekeepers abandon their posts to join the celebration. With no one to stop him, Smith simply wanders off.


Alan Napier
Ann Richards
Arthur Margetson
Aubrey Mather
Bramwell Fletcher
Charles Waldron
David Cavendish
Elisabeth Risdon
Greer Garson
Henry Travers
Ivan F. Simpson
Jill Esmond
Margaret Wycherly
Marie De Becker
Marta Linden
Melville Cooper
Norma Varden
Philip Dorn
Reginald Owen
Rhys Williams
Ronald Colman
Susan Peters
Una O'Connor



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