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Waterhole #3

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95 Minutes


Somewhere in the vicinity of the dusty Arizona burg of Integrity lies a fortune in stolen gold, buried at a desert waterhole by three confederates. Zeroing in on the hidden wealth is conniving gambler Lewton Cole (James Coburn), who's armed with a promising map, riding a stolen horse, and pursued by a less-than-law-abiding sheriff (Carroll O'Connor). And adding to the greed, corruption and lawlessness is a wonderfully misfit collection of additional treasureseekers, including the original thieves and an Army cavalry troop— all intent on claiming the loot. Will they all converge on Waterhole #3 at the same moment? Margaret Blye, Bruce Dern, Claude Akins, Joan Blondell, James Whitmore and Timothy Carey also star in this boisterous Western comedy that rolls through the rowdy Old West like a prairie twister.


Bruce Dern
Carroll O'Connor
Claude Akins
Harry Davis
James Coburn
James Whitmore
Jim Boles
Joan Blondell
Margaret Blye
Robert O. Cornthwaite
Roy Jenson
Steve Whittaker
Timothy Carey



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