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Up Against Amanda

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102 Minutes


After childhood abuse by her step-father and eight years in a juvenile psychiatric lockup, Amanda Lear is released. Her shrink is also her lover, who surreptitiously pays her rent on a nice house for a year. She moves in, takes one look at her neighbor Richard, and dispatches her doctor. To cover her tracks and to begin her seduction, she gets Richard's help with a security system. Soon she's bugging his calls and spying on him with hidden cameras, taking advantage of a rift between Richard and his wife who's in Nashville cutting a record. Amanda will stop at nothing to get Richard's exclusive attention. Will this good neighbor wise up before the hot tub overheats?


Ariauna Albright
Chuck Williams
Daniel Roebuck
David Dewitt
John Alan Richards
Justine Priestley
Justine Priestley
Karen Grosso
Michael Rissi
Reggie Bannister
Tarri Markel
Willard E. Pugh



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