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Goin' South

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109 Minutes


Sentenced to hang in a backwater western town, horse thief Henry Moon (Jack Nicholson) is saved when frontierswoman Julia Tate (Mary Steenburgen) agrees to marry him. Taking advantage of the town law that prohibits the execution of married men, Moon follows Tate back to her ranch, planning all the while to escape at the first possible opportunity. But Tate insists that he honor his end of the bargain at work on the ranch. She has no intention of consummating the union, a fact that drives the hot-to-trot Moon up a wall. She puts him to work on the gold mine that she has on her property, while his old gang prepares to relieve the couple of their gold once it's on the surface. Jack Nicholson personally selected movie newcomer Mary Steenburgen for Goin' South. The film also features John Belushi in the role of a dyspeptic deputy.


Anita Terrian
Anne Ramsey
Annie Marshall
B.J. Merholz
Barbara Ann Grimes
Britt Leach
Carlton Risdon
Christopher Lloyd
Danny Devito
Dennis Fimple
Don Mcgovern
Ed Begley, Jr.
Georgia Schmidt
Jack Nicholson
Jeff Morris
John Belushi
Lin Shaye
Luana Anders
Lucy Lee Flippin
Marsha Ferri
Mary Steenburgen
Maureen Byrnes
Nancy Coan Kaclik
R.L. Armstrong
Richard Bradford
Robert Wilson
Tracey Walter
Veronica Cartwright



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