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"Garbo laughs!" read the headlines after Oscar-honoree and screen legend Greta Garbo ("Queen Christina," "Grand Hotel") bursts into a rare bit of onscreen laughter during her portrayal of a cold-hearted Soviet agent who is warmed up by a trip to Paris and a night of love with Oscar-winner Melvyn Douglas ("Hud"). Inducted into the Library of Congress National Film Registry and recently selected by the prestigious American Film Institute as one of the top 400 American Films of all time.


Albert Pollet
Alexander Granach
Alexander Schoenberg
Armand Kaliz
Bela Lugosi
Bess Flowers
Charles Judels
Constantine Romanoff
Dorothy Adams
Edwin Maxwell
Edwin Stanley
Elizabeth Williams
Ellinor Vanderveer
Emilie Cabanne
Ernst Lubitsch
Felix Bressart
Florence Shirley
Frank Fletcher
Frank Reicher
Fred Farrell
Frederika Brown
George Sorel
George Tobias
Gregory Gaye
Hans Joby
Harry Semels
Ina Claire
Jacques Vanaire
Jennifer Gray
Jody Gilbert
Kay Stewart
Lawrence Grant
Lucille Pinson
Marek Windheim
Mary Forbes
Melvyn Douglas
Monya Andre
Nino Bellini
Paul Ellis
Paul Weigel
Peggy Moran
Ray Hendricks
Richard Carle
Rolfe Sedan
Sandra Morgan
Sig Ruman
Symona Boniface
Tamara Shayne
Wilda Bennett
William Irving
Winifred Harris
Wolfgang Zilzer



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