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According to Greta

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92 Minutes


Greta's a trip, but she's no vacation. She's sixteen, bright, beautiful, seriously rebellious, and full of sarcastic wit that barely disguises her hurt inside. Pushed aside by her mother Karen, Greta is shipped off to her grandparents for the summer, and she's not happy about it. In fact, she fully intends to kill herself before the summer is over and is currently compiling a notebook of suicide methods. Acerbic, yet willingly impulsive, Greta is a stunning force of nature, disrupting her grandparents' staid and settled lives in the Jersey Shore community they live in. But a near catastrophe gives Greta a wake-up call and demonstrates how deeply her own actions impact those around her. Greta's growing love for her elderly grandparents, along with the excitement of her first summer romance, gradually strips away her defenses, revealing the promising, charismatic young woman underneath her shell.


Daniel Lee Robertson Iii
Dave Shalansky
Ellen Burstyn
Evan Ross
Frank Rodriguez
Frank Rodriguez
Hilary Duff
John Rothman
Julian Joseph
Kelly Sullivan
Maury Ginsberg
Melissa Leo
Michael Murphy
Oren Skoog
Sylvia Kauders
Tsianina Joelson
Vivan Dugré
Will Macadam
William Fowle



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