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Legal Eagles

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116 Minutes


Robert Redford and Debra Winger star in this sophisticated comedy thriller about art fraud and murder, with Redford as a hard-nosed assistant district attorney and Winger as an imaginative defense attorney who combine their talents to defend Daryl Hannah, a spacey "performance artist" who is accused of theft and murder. The clashing attorneys get more than they bargained for as they come in contact with New York's fascinating art world and dangerous underworld. The delightful mix of romantic comedy and madcap slapstick co-stars Terence Stamp as a corrupt gallery owner and Brian Dennehy.


Annie Abbott
Bart Burns
Brian Dennehy
Bruce French
Burke Byrnes
Chevi Colton
Christian Clemenson
Christine Baranski
Daryl Hannah
David Clennon
David Hart
Debra Winger
Everett Quinton
Gary Howard Klar
James Hurdle
Jennifer Dundas
John Mcmartin
Kristine Sutherland
Lynn Hamilton
Mary Griffin
Paul Jabara
Peter Boyden
Robert Redford
Roscoe Lee Browne
Sara Botsford
Steven Hill
Terence Stamp
Thomas Barbour
Vincent Guastaferro



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