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At Risk

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90 Minutes


"At Risk" introduces Win Garano (Sunjata), the rising star of the Massachusetts State Police, when D.A. Monique "Money" Lamont (MacDowell) sends him to Tennessee to investigate a cold case that took place more than 20 years before. The calculating Monique thinks she has found the perfect murder to showcase her new crime initiative and Win has no choice but to follow her lead. With the help of his colleague Sykes (Gish), Win follows the evidence as it leads him to a killer in Knoxville, and then all the way back to Boston and a crime that hits much closer to home.


Andie Macdowell
Annabeth Gish
Ashley Williams
Barclay Hope
Carolyne Maraghi
Chad Connell
Dane Dehaan
Daniel Sunjata
Darryn Lucio
David Keeley
Diahann Carroll
Edsson Morales
Heather Hanson
Joan Gregson
Kristian Truelsen
Leslie Carlson
Lynne Deragon
Marcia Bennett
Patricia Cornwell
Paula Boudreau
Peter Macneill
Shant Srabian
Zak Santiago



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